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28 Sep 2012

First Day of School at MIS

First Day of School at MIS September 12 12, 2012

12 Sep 2012

Condemning Terrorism

Albanian Islamic Cultural Center (AICC)  unequivocally denounces the cowardly killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and three Embassy workers, by those using the pretext of an obscure YouTube film aimed at depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a negative light. Regardless of motive, rationalization or evidence, this action

28 Aug 2012

Interfaith Activities ” WHAT MAKES US ONE”

  “WHAT MAKES US ONE” PROGRAM AUGUST 26TH 2012 – Start 2:00pm HINDU TEMPLE Opening Prayer – Rabbi Michael Howald Saint Philips Baptist Church – 2 Minutes HINDU CHANT – 4 Minutes Dr. Nair, Usha & Sulton Jain WELCOME PURPOSE OF THIS DAY BACKGROUND OF BUILDING BRIDGES Reverend Charles Howell




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