02 May 2012

Questions about Islam

  H. Dhulkarnein Vardari 100 Questions Pytje & 100 Answers Pergjegjje   Printed by: ALBANIAN ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER 2004-05 New York DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this booklet to the dearly loved students of Miraj Islamic School of Staten Island N Y. The author ” Who is better in

30 Apr 2012


PROPHET MOHAMMED’S ( a.s) CONTEST Feb15, 2011 PreK-12th Grade Question and answers for Prophet’s Contest. Pre K-KG Grade Q. 1- Who is our Prophet? A. 1- Our Prophet is Prophet Muhammad a.s. Q. 2- Who was Prophet’s a.s Father? A. 2- Abdullah bin Abdulmuttalib. Q. 3- Who was Prophet’s a.s